Aquaculture tank? From Buwatec Water Technology, of course!

aquaculture tanks

Are you operating an aquaculture business and your current aquaculture tank is not sufficient anymore? Or maybe you are starting up a new company and you are searching for the best aquaculture tank? At Buwatec Water Technology we know exactly what you are looking for and even better, we can supply you with the best aquaculture tank. The main activity of our company is developing, producing, selling and distributing complete water storage systems, including the aquaculture tank. When we talk about aquaculture, we mean breeding:

  • salt and fresh water fish,
  • crustaceans,
  • shellfish,
  • aquatic plants,

and living organisms like:

  • algae,
  • samphire.

The breeding can be done in open systems and closed systems. The open systems are dangerous for the natural water they operate in, causing pollution of the water and damage to the natural environment. Buwatec Water Technology has developed an aquaculture tank for the closed system, which does not touch the natural water at all. The fish farms use recirculation systems in which breeding water is treated, cleaned and re-used continuously. Our aquaculture tank is made of manufactured corrugated steel plates. It is based on a modular design, enabling us to customize the aquaculture tank to serve your requirements and preferences. The aquaculture tanks are accompanied with the appropriate liners.

Aquaculture tank for everybody

Buwatec Water Technology dares to state that our aquaculture tank is suitable and affordable for everybody. Let us explain. A great benefit is that the plates and the liners of the aquaculture tank can be transported very efficiently, leading to very low shipping costs. And since the tanks can be placed without a concrete base, your installation costs are also kept to a minimum. For the installation you only need man power and hand tools, there is no heavy machinery involved. The main reason our aquaculture tank or any other type of tank is affordable, is because we make sure we always offer very competitive tariffs. These days, we export our water storage systems to more than 50 countries worldwide. To have advice for our clients close by, we have set up a well-functioning dealer network with various dealers in multiple countries. The dealer network is able to support all our clients, no matter where they are established. The dealers have great local know-how. Buwatec Water Technology supports them with product innovations, technical know-how and product training continually. Buwatec is a flexible company, established in Almkerk, Netherlands, and here to serve you with the best materials for your company. We find the environment important, so we work in a durable way. Have we got you enthused about our aquaculture tank? You are more than welcome to send us a request for a non-binding quote here on our website. We always respond within one working day. Do you need some more information of do you have specific questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can prove that storage of water can be done easy!