Best aquaculture tanks from Buwatec Water Technology

aquaculture tanks

Are you an entrepreneur, looking for aquaculture tanks? Are your current aquaculture tanks not sufficiently anymore and you need to replace them with new ones? You have come to the right place, as Buwatec Water Technology offers the best aquaculture tanks for businesses all over the world, who are breeding salt and fresh water fish, shellfish and other living organisms in water like algae and samphire. Where aquaculture in open systems often leads to damage of the natural environment and pollution of the open water, does this not happen when you use aquaculture tanks in a closed system. In the aquaculture tanks a recirculation system is used, in which breeding water is treated, cleaned and re-used in a continuing process. Buwatec Water Technology is regarded as world market leader in water storage systems, like aquaculture tanks. We gained great experience with the development, production, sale and distribution of complete water storage tanks and systems. We offer a large range of equipment to collect, store and keep water in perfect condition for irrigation, rain or other water harvesting, aquaponics and storage of drain- and recirculation water. Besides aquaculture tanks, you find our tanks in other market segments like horticulture, agriculture and the industry, and they are also used for drinking water and water purification purposes. The liquid storage tanks can also be used as part of a small scale water treatment plant and in biogas installations.

Aquaculture tanks made of steel plates

Buwatec Water Technology’s aquaculture tanks are made of manufactured corrugated steel plates. Combined with the proper tank covers and tank liners, they form the perfect solution for your business. They are affordable for various reasons. Firstly, we guarantee our clients to always offer competitive rates. Secondly, the shipping of the aquaculture tanks is very easy and can be done at low costs, because the steel plates can be transported efficiently. Thirdly, the installation costs are reduced to a minimum, because there is no need for heavy machinery. The only equipment you need are hand tools and man power. Lastly, the aquaculture tanks are placed on a prefabricated foundation, there is no need to make a heavy basis. All this means that not only you have affordable aquaculture tanks, you can also put them basically anywhere you want, even in the most remote locations.

Aquaculture tanks with modular design

To be able to meet all our clients’ requirements, we manufacture our aquaculture tanks on a modular design. Our aquaculture tanks are shipped worldwide and we have over 50 dealers in various countries. They are part of a nice functioning network and we supply them with product innovations, technical know-how and product training. Buwatec Water Technology works in a sustainable way.