Aquaculture tanks by Buwatec Water Technology

aquaculture tanks

Do you, as entrepreneur in the aquaculture industry, need new or more aquaculture tanks? Are you searching for the right aquaculture tanks? You have come to the right place, because Buwatec Water Technology is worldwide renowned for our innovative, high-quality aquaculture tanks. We are a flexible company, working in the most durable way, which is necessary in a fragile environment like the aquaculture industry. We have developed into becoming market leader in the field of water storage systems, especially the aquaculture tanks. We have specialized in building aquaculture tanks to be a part of circulating systems, such as aquaponics systems, aquaculture systems and fish farms. Our aquaculture tanks are used in over 50 countries worldwide, making a difference in the aquaculture business. To provide our clients with fast and experienced advice and assistance, we collaborate with multiple dealers in various countries.

Aquaculture tanks to use in closed system

Buwatec Water Technology has invented aquaculture tanks made of curved, corrugated steel plates. The tanks are based on a modular design, which can be completely tailored to meet all your requirements. The aquaculture tanks are finished with tank liners and tank covers and this way, they form the perfect environment for breeding salt water fish, fresh water fish, crustaceans, shellfish, samphire and algae. Aquaculture and aquaponics are done in either an open system or a closed system. In the open system, the fish farming takes place in open, natural water, but this causes damage to the natural environment often. It also pollutes the water. In a closed system, however, the aquaculture tanks are not connected to the open water. This creates a more ecologically friendly and durable way of breeding. The water in the aquaculture tanks is being circulated in a clever re-circulation system. The special coating we apply protects the aquaculture fish tank against corrosion.

Inexpensive aquaculture tanks

You may think that our aquaculture tanks are very expensive but rest assured, they are the opposite. We can easily explain why. Buwatec Water Technology always offers the best competitive tariffs. The export of the steel plates, liners and covers can be done in an easy way and efficiently, reducing your shipping costs notably. Also, the installation of the aquaculture tanks is easy. It is done without use of heavy duty machinery, in fact, it is done manually, using man power only. Furthermore, the aquaculture tanks are placed on a prefab base, you do not need a concrete foundation. This allows you to put the aquaculture tanks in almost any place you want it.