Aquaculture tank? From Buwatec Water Technology, of course!

aquaculture tanks

Are you working in the aquaculture industry and your aquaculture tank is not sufficient anymore? You need more aquaculture tanks or you just need to replace the current one? New in the business? Whatever the situation may be, you are welcome at Buwatec Water Technology for the perfect aquaculture tank. Buwatec Water Technology is world market leader because of our high-quality and uniquely designed aquaculture tank. We have specialised in developing, producing, selling and distributing of complete water storage systems, including the aquaculture tank. We have great know-how and experience on how to collect, store and keep water in perfect condition for the aquaculture industry, but also how to circulate and recirculate it. Our tanks are based on a modular design, so we can tailor it completely to your preferences.

Aquaculture tank in closed system

You see, in an aquaculture tank, we speak of a closed system, in which a recirculation process is happening all the time. The process makes sure that the breeding water is treated and cleaned, so you can use it time and time again in an ongoing procedure. Buwatec Water Technology is environmentally conscious and contribute to taking good care of the earth. We guarantee that our aquaculture tank does not hurt the environment, because it is a closed system. Unlike open systems, where aquaculture often causes damage to the environment and pollution of the open water. For a sustainable way to breed salt and fresh water fish, shellfish and other living organisms in water such as samphire and algae, the aquaculture tank of Buwatec Water Technology is the right one.

More options for tanks besides aquaculture tank

Buwatec Water Technology has been working in the field of liquid storage systems for decades now, and we have perfected our way of construction and shipping. Most importantly, our aquaculture tank is affordable, because our prices are very competitive. Our tanks are suitable for many more segments, like:

  • aquaponics,
  • agriculture,
  • horticulture,
  • industry,
  • part of biogas installation,
  • part of small scale water treatment plant.

Our water storage systems are also used a lot for drinking water purposes and water purification processes.

Aquaculture tank easy to ship and construct

Other reasons why Buwatec Water Technology’s liquid storage tanks are affordable is because they ship very easily. Our tanks are built of corrugated steel panels, and come with a tank cover and a tank liner. We pack them efficiently, which means cutting down your transportation costs. Construction of the tanks is also very easy. You do not need heavy machinery, but only man power with some hand tools. The tanks are placed on a prefab base. It is no wonder Buwatec Water Technology exports the aquaculture tank and other tanks to over 50 countries these days. To supply our clients with assistance and information in their area, we have multiple dealers in several countries, operating efficiently in a network. We provide the dealers with product innovations, technical know-how and product training regularly.