High-quality aquaculture fish tank by Buwatec Water Technology

Aquaculture fish tank

re you interested in an aquaculture fish tank? Do you need a high-quality aquaculture fish tank? Have you been searching for the perfect aquaculture fish tank for some time now? Good news: you have now found market leader in water storage systems Buwatec Water Technology! We have designed, developed and manufactured thé aquaculture fish tank you need. Our high-quality aquaculture fish tank is based on a modular design, making it very suitable to be placed anywhere our clients want. We can also customize it completely to meet your companies needs and requirements. It is not for nothing that we export our aquaculture fish tank to more than 50 countries all over the world. Our company plays an important role in the aquaculture industry, moreover, also in the horticulture, agriculture, in the industry. We have specialized in building the aquaculture fish tank to be a part of circulating systems, such as aquaponics systems, aquaculture systems and fish farms. You will find Buwatec to be a flexible company, working in a sustainable way.

Aquaculture fish tank is not expensive

We are proud to say that our aquaculture fish tank is not expensive. Firstly, you can be assured that we always offer competitive and sharp tariffs for our aquaculture fish tank. The aquaculture fish tank is made of curved, corrugated steel plates. Together with the proper liners and covers they do not form a large volume, which means that shipping is easy and is done efficiently. This results in a minimum of shipping costs. Construction of the aquaculture fish tank does not require heavy machinery, in fact, it can be done manually, using man power only. The installation of the aquaculture fish tank is also very easy, as the tank is placed on a prefab foundation. You do not need to pour cement for a concrete base. Not only does all that reduce the costs, it also enables you to place the aquaculture fish tank in basically every place you want, even in the most remote places. We work together with multiple dealers in various countries, so we can always assist you fast.

Aquaculture fish tank for closed system

Buwatec Water Technology’s aquaculture fish tank is the perfect setting for breeding salt water fish, fresh water fish, crustaceans, shellfish, samphire and algae. Aquaculture and aquaponics is done in an open system or a closed system. In the open system, the fish farming takes place in open, natural water, which causes damage to the natural environment often. In a closed system, our aquaculture fish tank is not connected to the open water, which enables the fish farmer to operate more ecologically friendly and durably. The water in the aquaculture fish tank is circulated constantly in a re-circulation system. The special coating protects the aquaculture fish tank against corrosion.