Buwatec Water Technology for number one aquaculture fish tank

Aquaculture fish tank

Are you looking for a an aquaculture fish tank? Are you active in the aquaculture industry and you need an aquaculture fish tank or multiple fish tanks? Search no longer, as you have found the right partner: world market leader and specialist Buwatec Water Technology. We are established in Almkerk, Netherlands, and for decades now our core business is development, production, sale and distribution of complete water storage systems, especially the aquaculture fish tank. We offer a large range of equipment to collect, store and keep water in perfect condition for irrigation, rain or other water harvesting, aquaponics and storage of drain- and recirculation water. Next to our aquaculture fish tank, you will come across our tanks in various other market segments like horticulture, agriculture and the industry. They are also used for drinking water and water purification purposes or can be used as part of a small scale water treatment plant and in biogas installations. Buwatec Water Technology works in a sustainable way.

Aquaculture fish tank for closed system

Aquaculture companies busy themselves with breeding salt and fresh water fish, shellfish and other living organisms in water such as samphire and algae. Aquaculture in open systems often leads to damage of the natural environment and pollution of the open water. This is not the case when you use Buwatec Water Technology’s aquaculture fish tank in a closed system. In our the aquaculture fish tanks a recirculation system is used, which treats and cleans the breeding water, in order to be re-used in a continuing process. In order to meet all our demands of our clients, we manufacture our aquaculture fish tanks in a modular design and are able to completely customize it. These days our aquaculture fish tank is shipped all over the world. We have over 50 dealers in various countries and they all take part in a great functioning network. Buwatec Water Technology makes sure to provide the dealers with product innovations, technical know-how and product training.

Steel plates in aquaculture fish tank

Our aquaculture fish tank consists of manufactured corrugated steel plates. The tank is completed with the proper tank cover and tank liners. Buwatec Water Technology’s is very affordable for multiple reasons. The transports costs are reduced to a minimum, for instance, because the steel plates, liners and covers can be shipped easily and efficiently. Also you are not paying a high price for the installation of the aquaculture fish tank, as you only need hand tools and man power. The aquaculture fish tank is placed on a prefab foundation, which enables you to place it in even the most remote places, which are often hard to reach. The main reason our aquaculture fish tank is affordable is because we always offer competitive rates.