Buwatec Water Technology develops perfect agriculture tanks

Aquaculture fish tank

Are you active in the agricultural industry and you need agriculture tanks? Do you own a farm or other agricultural related business and you are searching for agriculture tanks? You have come to the right place, as Buwatec Water Technology develops the perfect agriculture tanks for multi purposes. We are established in Almkerk, Netherlands, and we supply agriculture tanks for storage of manure and irrigation. Besides that, we also manufacture tanks for the agricultural industry to store and keep (rain) water for irrigation at a later time. Over time we have developed into an independent world market leader for agriculture tanks, but also for other segments. You will find our liquid storage systems also as part of a biogas installation or in a small water treatment plant. In areas where millions of people are struggling with water scarcity, Buwatec Water Technology’s tanks are a great solution to reduce water stress. Other segments are:

  • horticulture,
  • aquaculture and aquaponics,
  • drinking water and water purification,
  • industry.

Agriculture tanks based on modular design

What makes our agriculture tanks stand out is the fact that they are based on a modular design. Our tanks are constructed of corrugated and curved metal sheet parts, which are connected with bolt sets. They are the basics of a manure and irrigation tank. The agriculture tanks for manure are only supplied including a unique coating system for maximum durability. A complete slurry tank is made in combination with a liner, cover and accessories in the required capacity. Our agriculture tanks come with many benefits. For instance, the sheet parts can be shipped very efficiently. This means that the transport costs are reduced to a minimum. You also do not need heavy machinery and specialised personnel to install the agriculture tanks. The installation can be done by man power only, using hand tools. This means also, that the tanks can be placed in the most remote locations. Our agriculture tanks are sold against very competitive tariffs.

Agriculture tanks worldwide

Because of all the benefits, it is logic to find our agriculture tanks all over the world. Buwatec Water Technology exports them to more than 50 countries nowadays. In order to assist all our clients, we have a great functioning dealer network. We have multiple dealers in various countries, so assistance with local knowledge is always near. We support the dealers with product innovations, technical know-how and product training regularly. Buwatec Water Technology is a flexible company, working in a durable manner. We show you that installation of liquid storage is very easy.