“I make this process as short and easy as possible.”

I’ve been working at Buwatec from the start in 2002. I am the contact person for our dealer network in the Netherlands and Belgium. I have direct contact with both customers and suppliers on a daily basis. I support you with technical advice, a competitive quotation, do planning and supervision of projects and execute the handling of your orders. I make this process as short and easy as possible.

Installing a 20 tanks fish farming project in Angola is the absolute highlight of my career. Together with one colleague we were able to supervise the installation on site in just 10 days, an unforgettable experience. Another highlight is a recent industrial project in Amsterdam, called Chaincraft. We introduced and installed two completely new roof systems. I am looking forward to more of there challenges.

In my spare time i am fully committed to my family, relatives and friends. A very important part of my life.

Jan Piet Kastelein