In short: Different versions of the BUWAtank

Sometimes we get the question what the difference is between a WS BUWAtank and a WSW BUWAtank. How does this work exactly? And where do the terms WSA or WSWB come from? We are happy to explain!

What is the difference between a WS and a WSW tank? The answer is actually very simple. The difference lies in the length of the steel panels from which the BUWAtank is constructed. The original WS tanks have a maximum panel length of 3.05 meters and are grouped under the long panels. These water tanks are mainly sold on the Dutch market.

From years of experience BUWATEC developed the WSW tank. This tank has a maximum panel length of 2.24 meters and is perfect for export. The pallets, on which the tanks are delivered, fit exactly in the width of a truck or container. Resulting in less loading space and costs can be saved. In addition, the short panels are lighter in weight, which results in a faster installation of the water tank.

The BUWAtank is available in three different versions:

1. WS or WSW
With a minimum panel thickness of 0.8 mm, very suitable for indoor storage.

2. WSA or WSWA
Minimum panel thickness of 1.0 mm, this tank is more resistant to external influences and suitable for outdoor storage.

3. WSB or WSWB
These tanks have a minimum panel thickness of 1.2 mm and are therefore very suitable for intensive use. These tanks are regularly used for industrial purpose.

Optionally, a special Plastisol coating can be chosen. In combination with the zinc layer on the steel panels, this coating provides optimum protection against corrosion. The coating can be applied to the entire tank or only to the lower rings.

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