2020, a good start for BUWATEC

For a large industrial project, in our capital Amsterdam, BUWATEC mounted the BUWAdome on an existing watertank, last week. The costomer was looking for a suitable cover that’s completely watertight. A lightweight aluminium frame in combination with a custom made PVC cover was the ideal solution in this case.

For this project the BUWAdome was built next to the silo and then hoisted on the silo with a crane. It is also possible to build the roof from inside of the silo without a crane.

This innovative roof system was launched in mid-2019 and dozens of roofs have already been installed in the horticulture around the world. The first BUWAdome of 2020 is the largest installed so far and is mounted on a medium-sized watertank with a diameter of 12.75 mtr.

The BUWAdome is available for watertanks with a diameter of 2.01 mtr to 14.10 mtr. At the moment new developments are in full swing, so that in de future the BUWAdome can also be installed on large-sized watertanks.

Please contact our export team for more information: water-tank@buwatec.com