corrugated water tanksLooking for corrugated water tanks? BUWATEC is the specialist in supplying modular water catchment tanks. The tanks are made of corrugated steel plated combined with a tank tarp, a tank cover system, and accessories, which ensures the storage of liquids. We are your expert in the field of corrugated water tanks.

Corrugated water tanks from BUWATEC

BUWATEC’s corrugated water tanks are suitable for horticulture, fish farms, industry, and agriculture, but can also be used as a drinking water silo. You can find our catchment systems everywhere. We supply the tanks to more than 50 countries around the world. Because we supply our ​corrugated water tanks abroad a lot, we work together with several dealers in multiple countries. Our strategy is to strengthen and expand the relationships with dealers and customers.

​Our catchment systems are modular. This means they are designed for quick installation and efficient transport. The products have been developed in such a way that the tank can be built up with just manpower. The installation is based on a pre-prepared substrate to reduce costs and create maximum flexibility and speed on location.


​You can come to BUWATEC for various products. The products we have in our range are:

  • BUWAtank;
  • BUWAliner;
  • BUWAcover;
  • BUWAsystems and

The BUWAtank consists of the full range of modular, curved, and ribbed steel tanks. The BUWAliner is a tank tarp that is used for the tanks. The BUWAcover is a cover tarp that is used for covering the tanks. The BUWAsystems are fully integrated catchment systems. All of these products are parts of the complete catchment systems. For more information about the different products, you can visit our website.


​BUWATEC water tanks have many different applications. The tanks are mainly used for storing water for greenhouses or fish, for instance. The silos do look very different from each other. We offer different sizes for different applications. When creating water silos, we take sustainability into account. This way, a water silo lasts for years. It is also protected against corrosion. We have manufactured a special coating that is used to protect the silo against corrosion.

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