corrugated tank Looking for corrugated tanks? ​Do you have your own nursery with plants or fish? Then you may be looking for corrugated tanks to store water in or grown your fish. At BUWATEC, you have come to the right place for this. BUWATEC specializes in building modular water catchment tanks.

Corrugated tanks for horticulture

In recent years, BUWATEC has developed into one of the leading companies in water catchment for horticulture. We supply complete water tanks. These tanks can be used for irrigation, growing algae, and the storage of wastewater for treatment plants. We supply complete water tanks, which means we not only supply the water storage, but also the silo tarps and a silo cover.​

​Corrugated tanks for fish farming

​In addition to tanks for horticulture, we also supply tanks for fish farming. Approximately two-thirds of fish farming worldwide takes place under controlled conditions. BUWATEC provides tanks for closed systems. These are fish farms that are not directly connected to natural water. In addition, the BUWATEC tanks are also used for recirculation systems in which the water is reused after purification steps.


BUWATEC supplies catchment systems in more than 50 countries. As such, we have various dealers in multiple countries. The dealers know what the local needs are. We work together with the dealers to meet these needs and come up with solutions. We support the dealers with innovations, product improvements, technical support, and product training. This way, we try to expand our relationship with the dealers and customers.


​Sustainability plays an important part in the production of the ​corrugated tanks ​and accessories. We find it important that our materials are as environmentally friendly as possible. That is why we have developed a special coating to combat corrosion in the water. It also protects the tank against corrosion.

Easy to build up

The BUWATEC tanks are easy to build up. The catchment systems are sold as do-it-yourself systems. The systems can be easily installed with manpower alone. There is no need for a crane or machinery! This means the tank consists of various components that can be easily assembled.

Contact us

​Do you have questions about the corrugated tanks from BUWATEC? Then please contact us. You can send us a message with your questions through the contact form on our website. You can also contact us by phone or e-mail. We are happy to help you.