corrugated siloLooking for a corrugated silo? BUWATEC is the specialist in supplying modular water catchment tanks. These tanks are made of corrugated steel plates combined with tank tarp, tank cover systems, and accessories. At BUWATEC, you can find all information and possibilities for your corrugated silo.

​Corrugated silo from BUWATEC

​BUWATEC is market leader in the field of water catchment systems. We supply to more than 50 countries and have various dealers in multiple countries. We work together closely with these dealers in order to meet the needs of the local population. After all, the dealers know what the local needs are. We support the dealers with product innovation, product improvements, technical support, and product training. We also try to improve and expand our relationship with the dealers. With BUWATEC, you can rely on a high quality corrugated silo at a very competitive price.


We think sustainability is very important. We supply the tanks to the horticultural and agricultural sectors, among others. We are also contributing to a project for clean drinking water. These sectors and this project all have to do with environmental changes and stricter regulations with regard to the environment. That is why we find it important to contribute to sustainability, and why we have developed a special coating. This coating prevents corrosion from getting into the water. It also protects the corrugated silo against corrosion. We are working with various organizations in the project for clean drinking water. We supply water catchment systems in the form of steel water tanks and water silos which are intended for water purification. With high quality tank tarps, silo covers, and roof systems, we can combat pollution, vapor, and algae growth. This way, we contribute to the storage of clean and safe drinking water.

Easily build up corrugated silo

​corrugated silo is easy to build up because the silos are built in a modular way. This means they can be created from various parts, which makes it fairly simple to build up the silo. This can be done with manpower alone, without the need for a crane of machinery. ​


​BUWATEC’s corrugated silos can be used for multiple applications. We supply water catchment tanks to the horticultural sector, but also to the industrial sector. In addition, the agricultural sector uses the tanks for manure storage. Feel free to enquire whether the corrugated silo also suits your needs.

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​Do you have a question about our water catchment systems? Or do you want to know more about our contribution to realizing clean drinking water? Then please contact us. You can contact us via the contact form on our website. We are also available by phone and e-mail. We are happy to help you and give you information about our activities.