Newsletter: Buwatec industrial water Storage tanks

Buwatec realized a water treatment project that was initiated directly after the largest environmental chemical fire disaster in the Netherlands two years ago. BUWAtanks are an important part of the cleaning installation for polluted groundwater. This collected groundwater is treated and the industrial tanks are an important part of the cleaning process.

After a few months the area was hit by an enormous odour nuisance. The smell reached levels that highly negatively affected the surrounding area. A fast and better local solution became essential.

The BUWATEC solution was a revolutionary cover system, unknown for the Dutch market. The tanks were covered by BUHexa recycled plastic floating elements. These were just dropped into the tank. Only in a few hours the elements create a closed floating cover system. The surface of the polluted liquid is almost completely covered. BUHexa cover minimalizes oxygen access to a fluid. This results in a direct long-lasting odour reduction up to 90 percent.
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